AceWeb Member Pages is a FREE service offered to all AceWeb customers. This allows you to create your own personal Home Page. Your homepage will be "hosted" or stored on our server.  Simply by typing in your personal URL or "address", visitors to your Web site will be able to view any information and/or graphics you put on your page(s).  AceWeb offers up to 100 MB of web space.

Setup Your Page :

If your userID is “acewebuser”, your Web page URL will be: ““  

You can create your homepage using any html editor or webpage designing program. After creating the html files, you will need to upload your pages and files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). 

Note: The filename for your start page must be “index.html”


You have unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day. We recommend using either WS FTP Pro, or Cute FTP.  You can configure and download WS FTP PRO using the link below.

WS FTP Pro: (Click here to download)

WS_FTP Pro is a Windows-based file transfer client application that is used to transfer files between your local PC and a remote FTP server. With WS_FTP Pro, you can connect to any FTP server, browse through directories and files, and transfer files (upload or download) in either direction.

Cute FTP: (Click here to download)

This excellent FTP program has a lot more than just a pretty interface. In addition to previous niceties such as drag-n-drop capabilities, bookmarks, auto rename scheme and resume download, this version now offers a powerful macro that records your activities so you can play back specific transfers and automate your work.

Configuring Your FTP:

The following setup information is for WS FTP Pro, but note that most FTP programs are similar. 

To upload your pages and files to your website using FTP, you will need the following information:

Your Password

The FTP HOSTNAME is the location where your FTP program will connect to. The following setup information is for WS FTP Pro, but note that most FTP programs are similar.
1. When you run WS FTP Pro, you will need to setup a new site/folder. Click the New button.

2. The program will ask you to enter a name for the site. You may enter in any name you wish, such as My Web Site, etc. This serves as a way to identify the site.

3. Then enter in the FTP Hostname, or IP address which is

4. Click Next.

5. Next, enter in your AceWeb email address (

6. Then enter your password. It is usually good to check the box that says “Save Password”

7. Click Finish

8. A new site folder will be created.

9. Click OK

When you connect to the web server, you will be connected directly to the root directory of your account. WS FTP Pro will display a split screen where files on the left-hand side are those located within your own computer. Files on the right-hand side are those, which are stored in your account. You can transfer files directly to the root level and/or create subdirectories.

To make your Home Page load automatically, you will need to name your main start page html file, "index.html" in lowercase and upload it to the root directory of your account.

To upload a file, simply highlight the file(s) on the left and click the right-arrow button ("-->") located in the center of the screen. For more functions and help with WS FTP Pro please see their help file. As soon as you upload files to the web server, it is available for all to see.

10. Once connected to your root directory, find your index.html file (note: homepage must be labeled index.html)

11. Click on the transfer button (-->)

12. After all the files you want are uploaded to your directory, you can click Close.

13. To access your member webpage, type in the url

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